Sample some of the songs from my most recent albums, "Luke McManus" & “Happy Valley,” now available through online music distributors and streaming services.


Live Performances

Check out some of my recent live footage here.


Luke McManus @ MusikFest 2019

Dave Matthews - Crash Into Me (Live Cover)

Improvising Over Autumn Leaves for 18 Minutes

Live at The Easton Wine Project, 11/21/18

Live at The Zen Den, Doylestown, PA

Live at The Hava Java Cafe, Allentown, PA

John Mayer - Neon (Cover)

My acoustic cover of John Mayer's Neon. 

Live @ The Hava Java Cafe [11/20/17]

Live at the Hava Java Cafe, 11/20/17.

Colors You Hide (Original Song)

Saying My Goodbyes (Original)

Bethlehem ArtsQuest - No Such Thing (John Mayer Cover) [9/22/2017]

My life performance of John Mayer's No Such Thing at Bethlehem ArtsQuest on 9/21/2017. 

Bethlehem ArtsQuest - Day by Day (Original) on [9/22/2017]

An original I played at Bethlehem ArtsQuest on [9/22/2017].

Live at The West End World of Food Festival, Sept. 17, 2017

Playing outside the Hava Java Cafe in Allentown at the West End World of Food Festival. 

Live at Bethlehem ArtsQuest, Sept. 14, 2017

My live set at Bethlehem Artsquest.  My music is also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, and more. Thanks for watching!

Live at Hazleton Community Park, June 17, 2017

My opening for Hazleton-based indie rock band Shock Value. Chris Jones does the introduction. The video cuts out at a few points but most of the show is intact.