The Night Game: Revolutionizing Pop Music

Martin Johnson’s new band, The Night Game, is bringing something entirely different to today’s popular music scene.

You’ve never heard anything quite like what this band is producing. Martin Johnson is back.

The Night Game draws on pop music influences from the 80’s and combines it with Johnson’s unique songwriting capabilities. This is the same dude that produced the hit songs we know from his old band, Boys Like Girls, like “The Great Escape.”

You can still hear the phrasing and verbiage that’s special to Johnson’s creative mind. His band’s self-titled, debut LP follows a pattern of songwriting and embellishes each song with unique instrumentation, licks, fills, and effects to cater each one to its own story.

But the most impressive and creative component of this band is its aesthetic. These guys just get it right.


Their name is The Night Game, their song and album covers are darker-themed, almost-swirling images. Their music videos are dark and ominous. The band just resembles what happens in the world when the sun goes down an another realm of life is unleashed.

The stories told in their debut album are extraordinary; on “Once in a Lifetime,” we hear about Johnson’s personal struggles with abuse and realizing that the opportunity for character change is now or never; on “The Photograph,” we hear Johnson reminisce about a failed relationship that gave him memories worth searching for; and on “American Nights,” Johnson narrates the averagely above-average lives of everyday Americans in the middle of discovering what this idea of the American Dream really is.

If you haven’t already, listen to The Night Game. Watch their live videos. Put yourself in their stories. You’ll never see a long drive home at night on the highway the same again.