Get your lo-fi hip hop in front of more people.

Lo-fi hip hop is an extremely niched genre of music. You can’t just market it to anybody. Targeting is the most important thing, and you have to take advantage of the platforms wherein that target audience is the most present. I know how it goes: You spend all this time, effort, & money into creating a beat tape or EP

…and no one hears it.

Simple enough. Not every lo-fi hip hop producer is a marketing professional, and it’s an ever-changing, complex world to understand that most producers don’t have the time for.Some turn to traditional marketing companies only to be expected to pay insane monthly retainers or crazy hourly rates for paid music advertising.

Some try it themselves only to experience frustration & doubt instead of success. As a result, their music production suffers.

Lo-fi Hip Hop Music Marketing

To me, the solution is simple: Outsource it to someone who knows how to do it. Someone who’s not only in the business of marketing, but understands the business of music.

And stay away from ridiculously over-priced marketing companies.

Focus on doing what you love & let me handle the advertising.

Lo-fi hip hop music marketing for the working musician.

No long-term commitments. Cancel any time.

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