Guitar Player & Singer/Songwriter

A blend of long-form, improvisational jazz music with a lo-fi hip hop base. All music is composed and recorded by me, there is no sampling.


"Luke McManus," the debut album.


Available now everywhere music is digitally sold and streamed.


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Thursday, 3/28

Saucony Creek Brewery

Kutztown, PA

7 to 10 PM




All Releases

All projects that I've put out thus far, available everywhere digital music is streamed and sold.

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Next Up EP

My foray into jazz-hop. It’s actually more like hip-hoppy jazz. Each track is long-form, improvisational jazz with a lo-fi rhythm section.


Luke McManus LP

The culmination of the previous three projects.

Includes three new songs as well as  re-recordings and re-mastering's of older ones.



Dreaming About Yesterday EP

My debut as a composer and singer/songwriter combining the two into one.

This EP combines Folk and Acoustic Rock with the sensibilities of Pop and Blues music.


Home Blues EP

A release mixing Folk and Neo-Folk with Blues and Acoustic Rock.

Available everywhere digital music is streamed and sold.

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A Walk Downtown EP

An instrumental release mixing Funk and Jazz guitar with elements of Hip Hop.

Available everywhere digital music is streamed and sold.